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We offer high-quality parts and a great price. Let us put you and your vehicle first by keeping the costs low and your car running for longer.
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Your Number One choice For All Car-Related Needs

Car Servicing

If you are looking to get your car serviced, then look no further than Robin Hood Motors – your number one stop for all car servicing needs. We are quick, friendly and efficient while still providing top quality customer service.

Engine Rebuilds

Your engine is the most important part of your car as without it you wouldn’t be going anywhere. This is why it is important to always take care of your engine – not only for the overall health of your car – but to increase its life as well.

Car Diagnostics

Is your car not driving the way that it used you? Is your dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree? Or have lost the power when overtaking a slow vehicle? It sounds like you need a car diagnostic test to find out what is really going on with your vehicle.

Having car troubles can be an incredibly stressful time, especially if it was the result of a crash. The last thing you want to do is waste time trying to find a reliable mechanic that won’t overcharge for the services you need.

That is why our team at Robin Hood Motors provide a peace of mind servicing for all car issues. Whether they are repairs, car body damage or crash repairs – we are happy and willing to help. Our team of mechanics will not only fix the obvious damage, but let you know what you need to be aware of for the future.

We only employ skilled and trusted technicians that have glowing references and years of practical experience with car repairs. We aim to provide a premium service for everyone involved, both clients and staff as happy people get the best results.

If you need to make a repair or have parts of your vehicle replaced, then we will use high-quality parts that the quality of the vehicle will not deteriorate. This will give you the peace of mind that the car won’t break down again due to a faulty part.

We guarantee to give you a clear run down in plain English instead of confusing you with technical and industry terms. There is nothing worse than agreeing to make a repair that you don’t fully understand and might not encompass all the damage.

Our no surprise approach means that you are included every step of the way and you will be informed if there is any other work we recommended. You have the final say!

If you are looking for a quote or need some work done, then get in contact today.